Heavy Rotation, June Studio Playlist

What Milo and I are grooving out to this month.

W.I.P. Logo

spicebox_3upIf you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Heavy Rotation

LOOP DSGN: Winter 2014 by loopdesign on Grooveshark

Grammy Nomination

A CD I designed, Overture, Waltz and Rondo, by Temple University Orchestra has been nominated for a 2013 Grammy in the “Best Instrumental Composition” category. So please be advised, from this point forward I will be referring to myself in the first person as, “2013 Grammy nominee, Jay Carreiro”.

Cooksi, Chicken & Ramen

Had a ton of fun working on these logos for Cooksi, a fun new Korean chicken and ramen joint coming to NYC.

“Say What” Show Logo & “Coast to Coast” Greenscreen Design

Special thanks, to D. Bennett, killustrator extraordinaire. Click to embiggen.

A Heavy Metal Verz of the Let’s Buy Sh!t Logo

When this project started the show concept was about newly-minted millionaire athletes buying all sorts of insanely ridiculous sh*t. Unfortunately, the athletes weren’t thrilled with the idea. So the show’s been re-tooled to focus on “weird” stuff athletes buy. This is one of the retooled logo options with a heavy-metal attitude (for the 18-39 demographic). I think the first step of the branding and animation would probably involve blowing out the honeycomb pattern to include increasingly “kooky” items and playing with scale. We’ll see if it makes the cut.

Typographic Background Pattern For The NOC

I’m currently having a lot of fun developing some type-driven illustrations that will be used as backgrounds for the NOC Channel, as well as greenscreen backgrounds for some of the shows themselves.

Prelim Logos for The NOC, The Network of Champions

I’m currently having a blast developing these show logos for The NOC, a new sports channel on YouTube targeted at the coveted 18-39 demographic. Needless to say, the tone is somewhat irreverent.