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Kyle Webster’s Digital Brush Packs

I was tweeting earlier this week about Sherm Cohen’s amazing You Tube digital inking and painting tutorials. And I’ve posted in the past about Ray Frenden’s killer digital brush packs for Photoshop and Manga Studio. So I was very excited to discover Kyle T. Webster’s extensive collection of amazing digital brushes. Prepare to be impressed.

Ben Templesmith’s Awesome Hand Drawn Trailer for Warren Ellis’ New Book, Gun Machine

The Case For Not Being Stopped — Warwick Johnson Caldwell

I find myself getting “stopped” a lot in my artwork making process. My art-school-educated brain is constantly explaining my aesthetic failings and shortcomings to me. These wonderful Dr. Strange drawings by the super talented, Warwick Johnson Caldwell make a great case for not being “stopped” by imperfection. The final piece is amazing in a way that’s only hinted at in the initial marker rendering. I particularly like the subtle tonal shifts and the addition of the texture in the background. You can see more of his killer stuff here.

Design & Thinking Documentary

Probably worth a look if you’re ever thinking about A.) becoming a designer. Or B.) hiring a designer.

Cooksi, Chicken & Ramen

Had a ton of fun working on these logos for Cooksi, a fun new Korean chicken and ramen joint coming to NYC.

Nash, Camera, Action!

The NOC Channel continues to be one of my fave new clients to work for. These are some rough title designs for a new show featuring Steve Nash’s wacky movie spoof videos. The vibrating hand-drawn animation and typography will reflect the no-budget, DIY look of the vidz.


“Judge Sapp” Show Title Animation

I created this quick proof-of-concept animation for the NOC Network on You Tube. Judge Sapp is an irreverent, sports-themed version of The People’s Court, with the honorable, judge Warren Sapp, presiding. The logo still needs a ton of work in After Effects (particularly my awful, fake 3D typography). But you get the idea — imagine lots of funny faces and gavel pounding sound FX.

“Say What” Show Logo & “Coast to Coast” Greenscreen Design

Special thanks, to D. Bennett, killustrator extraordinaire. Click to embiggen.