Blog, Web Fonts & Branding has elevated their branding game to a whole new level with the addition of their very own custom designed web font, NFL End Zone Sans. The font, which appears to be a web-variant of Font Bureau’s, Antenna, has a wide variety of beautiful weights, widths and styles, providing a fully immersive branded web experience. Note how beautifully the dynamic scale shifts work on the pages. And the surprising legibility of the condensed font, even at small sizes. I also think the decisions they’re making about capitalization are particularly effective.

Compare to Ouch. The ESPN site suddenly looks almost as dated as it’s ludicrously tacky set designs.

To learn more about the emotive properties of web fonts, check out Stefan Münch’s  High-Fidelity Branding lecture, here.

Prelim Logos for The NOC, The Network of Champions

I’m currently having a blast developing these show logos for The NOC, a new sports channel on YouTube targeted at the coveted 18-39 demographic. Needless to say, the tone is somewhat irreverent.

The Battleship Poster Raises the Bar … On Sucking

Movie studios have a lot of money at their disposal, so I’m always surprised when they release key art like this. The Photoshop work here (and I use that term loosely) appears to have been executed by someone with no grasp of helpful concepts like — drama, lighting, perspective, scale or contrast. Based on the awkward composition, I’m going to venture a guess that the title was originally intended to be placed at the top (duh). But I’m guessing that it probably looked flat and dull, so they added the giant guns. (I particularly like the way they blend right into the … robot-thing [?] in the background). The tagline is also pretty inspired — “the battle for earth begins at sea”. Great job, Hollywood!

Go Wild With Open Type

This is a fun little animated primer on Open Type by the creative team at Veer.

The Girl With the Dragon Typography

Sharp. Sexy. Dangerous. Perfect. Reminds me of the work of the late, P. Scott Makela.


If Imitation Is the Highest Form of Flattery…

I suppose I should be flattered? A friend recently spotted this Cortina Cantina logo in Oslo, Norway. Look familiar? I’ve had logos swiped in the past, but this is the most blatant case. Having said that, I’m more annoyed for my friend and client, restauranteur Jason Denton. Not only did the Norwegians shamelessly steal the logo, they aped his restaurant name and concept too. So incredibly lame.

Shame, Poster Design

In stark contrast to the lame Moneyball poster, I’m really digging this provocative design for Steve McQueen’s new film, Shame; about the destructive life of a sex addict.

Home Improvement

I’m currently having fun developing this logo, icon system and color palette for a new line of innovative, design-centric tools for the home improvement market. Hoping to be involved in the packaging development. Should be cool.

Design FAIL, Moneyball

Some free advice, when designing the marketing and advertising components for a movie about something as dry and boring as baseball stats, I’d suggest trying to make them … NOT dry and boring. Case in point: the key art for the Moneyball film. I’m assuming the designer was aiming for “sophisticated”, but the end-product is just sleep-inducingly dull. The choice of ubiquitous default font, Gotham for the typeface, is just lazy and uninspired. And setting the type in all caps and super kerned-out does nothing to alleviate the tedium. Also, what’s up with the photography? No players on the field. The stands are empty. Hell, even Brad Pitt looks bored — and he’s not even facing us! I don’t get it. I’d be curious to hear the rationale from the marketing geniuses over at Sony Pictures. Next time, please just call Neil Kellerhouse.