“Judge Sapp” Show Title Animation

I created this quick proof-of-concept animation for the NOC Network on You Tube. Judge Sapp is an irreverent, sports-themed version of The People’s Court, with the honorable, judge Warren Sapp, presiding. The logo still needs a ton of work in After Effects (particularly my awful, fake 3D typography). But you get the idea — imagine lots of funny faces and gavel pounding sound FX.

Evan Hecox’s London, Tokyo, New York Logotypes

Wolverine Poster Typography

I’ve gotta give props for the tri-claw Wolverine font. The logo is both clever and dangerous looking — a very effective way to set the tone and expectations for the film. Nice work.

January Studio Playlist

“Say What” Show Logo & “Coast to Coast” Greenscreen Design

Special thanks, to D. Bennett, killustrator extraordinaire. Click to embiggen.

A Heavy Metal Verz of the Let’s Buy Sh!t Logo

When this project started the show concept was about newly-minted millionaire athletes buying all sorts of insanely ridiculous sh*t. Unfortunately, the athletes weren’t thrilled with the idea. So the show’s been re-tooled to focus on “weird” stuff athletes buy. This is one of the retooled logo options with a heavy-metal attitude (for the 18-39 demographic). I think the first step of the branding and animation would probably involve blowing out the honeycomb pattern to include increasingly “kooky” items and playing with scale. We’ll see if it makes the cut.

COALITION: A Sexy, Dangerous, Stencil, Sci-Fi, Sans-Serif Font

Several months ago I spotted the logo for Showtime’s, HOMELAND, and was immediately struck by the bold, brutal, blocky font with the stenciled “E”. No sooner had I learned the identity of the font — COALITION, by TracerTong, did I spot it again, in the trailer for MS ONE, Maximum Security.

Stencil faces are trending right now; (ESPN, The NFL, etc.). I’m a huge fan of House Industries’ UNITED Stencil, and am always on the lookout for something similar. The problem with many stencil faces however, is that all those extra lines and spaces impact legibility, particularly onscreen or at small sizes. COALITION avoids this pitfall, by limiting the stencil to the A,E and F characters. The bonus feature of COALITION is the built-in texture, imbuing the font with a rough hewn, spray painted immediacy.

Tong describes his typeface as a “Gears of War-type font”, invoking the hyper-violent sci-fi shooter as his inspiration. Amazingly, it’s still available as a free download over at DaFont. Get it while it’s hot!

NIKE Kobe Sysytem Font

Nike’s new font for the Kobe System is pretty sweet. (Not as nice as the Dragon Tattoo font, but still very striking.) If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a custom design (NIKE + Weiden & Kennedy) otherwise, it might be a variation on something by Buro Destrukt.

Typographic Background Pattern For The NOC

I’m currently having a lot of fun developing some type-driven illustrations that will be used as backgrounds for the NOC Channel, as well as greenscreen backgrounds for some of the shows themselves.