Dumb Ways To Die — Melbourne Metro PSA

This is one of those “I wish I’d worked on that” projects. The art, music and writing all come together perfectly in this charming little animation. A stellar example of the power of design + storytelling. Instead of another yawn-inducing PSA (cough, cough, NY Metro) we’re treated to a fun, funny cartoon with gorgeous characters and an infinitely hum-able tune. No surprise that it won 2 Lions at Cannes and has 50 million views on You Tube. Bravo.

FX’s 10 Second Promos for The Bridge Are Amazing

These understated yet über-creepy promos for FX’s new show, The Bridge are inspired. The best short films accomplish a lot with a little, and despite being only 10 seconds long (?!) these spots manage to be both thought provoking and chilling. The series is a remake of a hit Swedish television show, Bron, and tells the story of two detectives tracking a serial killer believed to be working on both sides of the Mexican border. (I also happen to really dig the logo.) Very nice work.

Ben Templesmith’s Awesome Hand Drawn Trailer for Warren Ellis’ New Book, Gun Machine

Design & Thinking Documentary

Probably worth a look if you’re ever thinking about A.) becoming a designer. Or B.) hiring a designer.

Gravity Falls

I’m loving the gorgeous Art Direction on Gravity Falls, a fun new animated show on the Disney channel created by 26 year old Cal Arts grad, Alex Hirsch. (The fictional town of Gravity Falls is supposed to be in Oregon, but it looks a heck of a lot like Maine to me.)

Nash, Camera, Action!

The NOC Channel continues to be one of my fave new clients to work for. These are some rough title designs for a new show featuring Steve Nash’s wacky movie spoof videos. The vibrating hand-drawn animation and typography will reflect the no-budget, DIY look of the vidz.


Trending: Sideways Movie Posters

Yes, it’s a fine visual metaphor for the emotional and psychological state of the characters — but when every movie-poster-designer does it at the same time it’s kind of lame.

“Judge Sapp” Show Title Animation

I created this quick proof-of-concept animation for the NOC Network on You Tube. Judge Sapp is an irreverent, sports-themed version of The People’s Court, with the honorable, judge Warren Sapp, presiding. The logo still needs a ton of work in After Effects (particularly my awful, fake 3D typography). But you get the idea — imagine lots of funny faces and gavel pounding sound FX.

The Battleship Poster Raises the Bar … On Sucking

Movie studios have a lot of money at their disposal, so I’m always surprised when they release key art like this. The Photoshop work here (and I use that term loosely) appears to have been executed by someone with no grasp of helpful concepts like — drama, lighting, perspective, scale or contrast. Based on the awkward composition, I’m going to venture a guess that the title was originally intended to be placed at the top (duh). But I’m guessing that it probably looked flat and dull, so they added the giant guns. (I particularly like the way they blend right into the … robot-thing [?] in the background). The tagline is also pretty inspired — “the battle for earth begins at sea”. Great job, Hollywood!