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Dumb Ways To Die — Melbourne Metro PSA

This is one of those “I wish I’d worked on that” projects. The art, music and writing all come together perfectly in this charming little animation. A stellar example of the power of design + storytelling. Instead of another yawn-inducing PSA (cough, cough, NY Metro) we’re treated to a fun, funny cartoon with gorgeous characters and an infinitely hum-able tune. No surprise that it won 2 Lions at Cannes and has 50 million views on You Tube. Bravo.

Kyle Webster’s Digital Brush Packs

I was tweeting earlier this week about Sherm Cohen’s amazing You Tube digital inking and painting tutorials. And I’ve posted in the past about Ray Frenden’s killer digital brush packs for Photoshop and Manga Studio. So I was very excited to discover Kyle T. Webster’s extensive collection of amazing digital brushes. Prepare to be impressed.

HBO’s New Real Sports Logo / Rebrand

HBO did a nice job on this new REAL SPORTS logo. The original logo was soooo bad and it’s been inexplicably hanging around for over a decade. (What the hell are those arbitrary shapes around the word sports?!) It’s a smart move by HBO to extend elements their own branding into some of their shows and documentaries. (Namely the dot inside their “O” & their dark astral background) My only gripe would be new set design. The original set backdrop was a “live” nighttime shot of New York with the traffic and trains going over the bridges. It was super cool and moody and aligned much better with HBO’s aforementioned “dark astral background”. The new set looks like the gift shop at the MoMA, and the fireplace is kind of corny and dated. It’s not Masterpiece Theater, guys. B+

Apple’s Elliptical Future

I couldn’t help but notice that Apple’s new Mac Pro tower design shares a striking similarity to it’s new headquarters in Cupertino, designed by starchitect Norman Foster.


Ben Templesmith’s Awesome Hand Drawn Trailer for Warren Ellis’ New Book, Gun Machine

Copycat — Tokyo Milk Dark / Kraken Rum

The gorgeous, award-winning packaging for Kraken Rum was designed by Stranger and Stranger. The vaguely derivative Tokyo Milk Dark packaging was designed by Margot Elena.

The Case For Not Being Stopped — Warwick Johnson Caldwell

I find myself getting “stopped” a lot in my artwork making process. My art-school-educated brain is constantly explaining my aesthetic failings and shortcomings to me. These wonderful Dr. Strange drawings by the super talented, Warwick Johnson Caldwell make a great case for not being “stopped” by imperfection. The final piece is amazing in a way that’s only hinted at in the initial marker rendering. I particularly like the subtle tonal shifts and the addition of the texture in the background. You can see more of his killer stuff here.

Design & Thinking Documentary

Probably worth a look if you’re ever thinking about A.) becoming a designer. Or B.) hiring a designer.